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Ah, Halloween. That wonderful time of year when we get to overindulge in candy and dress up in our favorite costumes. It’s also, of course, a time when companies trot out the classic “sexy” costume for women. A cop becomes a “sexy” cop, a nurse becomes a “sexy” nurse, and a nerd becomes a “sexy” nerd ― the less fabric, the better. 

Despite the fact that there are tons of creative costumes for women that go beyond the “sexy cop,” most costumes made for women and young girls this time of year can be notoriously sexist. They can also be just downright absurd. So part of the joy of Halloween is getting to see what new arbitrary, inanimate object costume manufactures have decided to slap with the “sexy” label. 

Will it be a Sexy Lamp? A Sexy Remote Control? A Sexy Pile of Laundry? (One of those, sadly, is a real, actual costume in this world.)

Below, we’ve gathered 26 of the most ridiculous “sexy” Halloween costumes. 

In case you’re not in the mood to pay $60 to be a “Sexy Baby” this year, check out Halloween costumes that are way better than “sexy cop,” some adorable costume ideas to try with your BFF, or feminist-themed costumes.

And here are some other awesome alternatives that are more than just sexy: 


Women's Halloween Costumes That Are More Clever Than 'Sexy Nurse'

Halloween is a time when normally meek and mild people show another side: Often, a tasteless and tacky one.

Not that there is necessarily anything wrong with that ― it all depends on the crowd. 

But sometimes people who’ve spent most of the year being well-behaved, kind people have a hard time determining the right amount of tastelessness appropriate for them.

That’s where HuffPost Weird News steps in.

We’ve found 25 costumes with varying degrees of weird, wacky, tasteless and tacky. Amazingly, dressing up as a heaping pile of dung is relatively restrained compared to some of these (we’re talking to you, Pickle Apron Guy).

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