Essay Trip To Zoo

On 1st January last year I visited the Alipore Zoo with my parents. My best friend Raj also went with us. First we bought the entry tickets at the entrance gate for entering the zoo. I was eagerly waiting to see the different animals, birds and reptiles in the zoo. At first we went to the snake house. Various kinds of snakes were kept inside glass enclosures. Here we saw different species of cobra, python and many other snakes. My father took some photographs of the snakes. Then we went to see the lions. Lions lived with their families. Some of them were sleeping. Then we decided to see the majestic Royal Bengal tigers. There we saw two Royal Bengal tigers licking their paws with closed eyes. At another place we saw the monkeys swinging from branch to branch. Their funny antics really made us laugh out loudly. Then we went to see the crocodile. The huge crocodile was lying on the sand beside a pond. In the afternoon we sat under a large banyan tree to have our lunch. After our lunch we went to the zone where there were different birds. Finally we returned home in the evening with a joyful heart.

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A Trip to the Zoo

On the 15th of July 2012, my classmates and I had a field trip. At eight thirty, we went down the stairs and assembled at the carpark behind the school. We saw three buses for three classes. We got on the first bus and the other two classes were on the other buses. We departed at 9:30am. We saw a sign that said "Zoo", and so we followed the sign. Since I was behind with my friends and with all air conditioners around me, I could see the two buses that were far, far away. My friends said that the two buses were "Monster buses".

After half an hour, we arrived at the zoo. Our teachers bought tickets for my whole class and also for the two other classes at the ticket counters. We went into the monkey part of the zoo. We saw monkeys climbing on the trees, some were chattering among each other. Then, the other part of the monkeys were just scratching themselves. The zookeeper gave bananas for their lunch. In a flash, the monkeys finished them all. Next, we went to the parrots' zone. Once my friend said "Hello", the parrot replied "Hello". We kept playing with the parrots. I was sure that it was fun playing with it. Next, we went to the hippopotamus' place. They were floating in the clear, blue water. They were really, really dirty on the upper side. Finally, we went to the tigers' habitat. We felt safe because there was a round surface of a glass like a wall that surrounded the fierce but friendly-looking tigers. There were descriptions about tigers. We left the zoo.

We went on the bus. It was three o'clock. We were all starving from hunger. Our teachers asked us to have our teatime. We reached our school and all our parents were waiting. We went home and we all had the smiling faces. It was really a memorable day.

~ The End ~

By Hayden Lim from C2S 2013

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