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Monotheism and polytheism are two very different belief systems. Monotheism is the belief in one god and polytheism is the belief in more one than one god. The concept of morality can and does exist within cultures that have only one god, as well as cultures that have multiple gods. Without morality, the world would be a place of extreme chaos and pandemonium. However, the foundation for morality within polytheistic religions is quite contradictory to the foundation for morality with monotheistic religions. Morality within polytheism is somewhat inconsistent and relative; whereas in monotheism, morality becomes more consistent and absolute. Morality exists throughout all cultures and religions of the world in some shape or form. In…show more content…

However, the foundations for morality in polytheism and monotheism are quite different.
In polytheism the foundation for morality seems inconsistent and relative. Polytheistic religions have no ultimate reality or god to set a standard for morality that all the followers must obey. Instead, each of the many gods ‘could’ have their own set of standards for morality. The inconsistency of morality could theoretically lead one to be faced with the dilemma of which god is correct. Let’s suppose one is having an extramarital affair and is not sure if she should continue the affair or stop. Should she pray to the goddess of lust and passion, to the god that is all-knowing or to the god of family and relationship? Not only does the inconsistency of morality standards cause followers to be faced with choosing which gods to embrace, but also cause them to be faced which god is appropriate to pray for moral guidance on different subjects. The notion that each of the multiple gods can set their standards for morality, allows for the follower to circumstantially pick and choose which god to follow. It is possible for a follower to be circumstantially selective because they do not have to answer to one specific god. One can choose to follow a certain god because that particular god’s set of morals allows them to fulfill some desire or need that would otherwise not fulfilled under other

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