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The Pancor MK3A1 or Jackhammer is a 12-gauge, gas-operated, fully automatic shotgun. It was developed by John Anderson in 1984 and patented in 1987. While the Jackhammer did reasonably well in its military trials (firing over 50,000 rounds without issue), it had various issues that kept it from being accepted; such as the lack of ejector, large frame, low magazine capacity, and, most of all, the designer's lack of funds to further the project. It is not clear how many guns were made as it never left the prototype stage, but there is just one functional prototype in existence[1] as the rest were sold to other countries and disappeared or destroyed.

Battlefield 2Edit



Fully Automatic





Increase per bullet

Decrease per second


"The Jackhammer is a gas-operated heavy shotgun loaded with 7 round revolver type cylinders. Due to its long reload time it’s important to be careful when firing on the full auto setting or you will find yourself out of ammunition at an inconvenient moment."

— In-game description

The MK3A1 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 2 as the Tier one unlock for the Engineer Kit. It is the only full-automatic shotgun, and fires from a seven-round magazine. It is significantly less powerful than the pump-action shotguns or the Benelli M4, although it shares their long reload pattern.


Zooming/Aiming Down Sights with the MK3A1

Reloading the MK3A1

A 3D model of the MK3A1

A 3D model of the MK3A1

A 3D model of the MK3A1

The MK3A1 unlock icon.

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Battlefield Play4FreeEdit


Starting ammunition

40 shells

The MK3A1 is a weapon featured in Battlefield Play4Free. It can be purchased for a price of 120,000 Play4Free Funds or obtained as a gift. It holds ten 12-gauge shells and is fully-automatic.



Monday, June 18th 2012, 5:01am

Bug List (Patch R5) V2 (Old)

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Ultra High Priority - Urgent fixes. These bugs cause consistent and drastic negative game altering effects and thus have top priority.

High Priority - Significant bugs that consistently hamper the game and constrict gameplay and the player's choice of tactics, weapons, specs etc...

Lesser - While debilitating, the bugs are more of a nuisance and may possibly be avoided without impacting the player significantly.

Cosmetic - Purely (or near) aesthetic bugs that have little to no effect on actual gameplay. Rather, they reduce immersion.

Demize has issued a statement on Redit about tentative updates. Where applicable, I have indicated that the issue has been addressed.(DEMIZED)

Updated 8/27

Ultra High Priority (severely detrimental to gameplay)

  • Kharg Island ladder glitch and related variants
  • Donya Fortress Rooftime Happy Hour FunpolazaGlitch
  • Aug with under-barrel smoke attachment yileds a no bullet drop and instant travel time. OHK.DEMIZED
  • Jet missiles are not getting bonus damage from SOFLAM targets. No bonus to lock on distance and time.DEMIZED
  • HE mortar damage vs tanks is 12 while Smoke Mortar damage is 13. (Similar issue with MAA)
  • Claymores and C4 are despawning immediately on death (without 5sec "revive chance" delay)
  • TV missile still randomly blows up the chopper that fired it
  • TV missile still has instances of direct hits but no damage
  • Flares are not distracting Laser Guided missiles consistently
  • When switching from an under-barrel attached weapon to a sidearm or another weapon the HUD and weapon disappear and you can no longer go prone. Only displays the crosshair.
  • Can't unlock newly introduced attachments, if your kill count was already higher than needed.
  • M320 Buck delayed shooting about half second between triggering and firing. Flash animation appears to be firing from primary muzzle.
  • Major crosshair bug - Essentially gives you much greater accuracy from hipfire after executing a zoomed shot and then quckly reverting to hipfire stance
  • ECM on jets and helos are not deflecting heat seekers consistently
  • Helicopter weapons being unable to destroy equipment with splash damage.DEMIZED
  • Soflam locking sound is persisting beyond range/LOS -Soflam is designating targets from more than 2000 meters (while the intended range is 500m)
  • Soflam will lock on friendlies when initially deployed but not manned.
  • AUG underslung with m26 shotgun is glitched. When aimed with the m26 active the sights are nowhere near close to the actual pellet trajectory.
  • Sometimes helis and jets don't detonate when they are hit by tank main cannon, rpg, or TV missile
  • A single javelin can take away multiple reactive panels (and often on the opposite side that the javelin hit)
  • Javelins often do 8-20 damage even on a fully healthy tank with fresh reactive armor
  • Some guided missiles take away reactive opposite to the side that they hit
  • Claymore issue: It often completely ignores players going past them, at least on CQ maps for some reason... Makes them pretty useless for defending flags.. (as in covering alternative paths leading up to the flag.
  • A lot of things are completely invisible on the minimap, like tanks, rpg's, snipers etc.
  • The March Patch changed the mini map so now you cannot tell from the mini map if a point is neutral
  • Laser Guided Missiles fired at soflamed MAA's and IFV's will hit the vehicle regardless of whether smoke is deployed or not. When smoke is deployed, the missile will begin to circle in the air several times and finally strike the vehicle.
  • Soflam and CITV: It seems to prefer targeting equipment over vehicles, and empty vehicles over full ones... But what's worse is that laser designating equipment actually doesn't do anything at all. No one else can see it or target it, so the lock is completely useless.
  • Gunner and Pilot flares are inaudible to your pilot/gunner when in a heli. ECM you can hear as a gunner but flares you cannot. You CAN hear when they reload though. This is a problem especially in HC as you cannot rely on a visual cue like the 3rd person cam.
  • On jets when switching between heatseekers/guided missiles and guns you will sometimes get a weird zoom that I believe is from the single player campaign that features a different crosshair. More importantly, you will sometimes stay in a zoomed position upon returning to guns. The only way to fix it is to switch to missiles again and switch back costing you precious seconds.
  • The boundaries on Flags in Conquest Domination arebugged . Sometimes you can shoot at them and you'll shoot at an invisible surface.
  • FAMAS burst bug
  • Periscope Gun Glitch
  • Console Specific - TV missile controls have very sluggish response making them unnecessarily difficult to use

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