Worthless Song Analysis Essay

Animated films (particularly Disney) have thrown some pretty disturbing content our way in the past, most leave pretty horrific childhood scars; that still remain in our subconscious to this day. Such scenes as: 'Pink Elephants on Parade' (Dumbo), Night on Bald Mountain (Fantasia), Lampwick turns into a jackass (Pinocchio), Clayton's hanging (Tarzan) and many more; are the stuff of childhood nightmares! But some disturbing animated content (that were aimed at children mind you) seem to fly over people's heads; due to its more subtle implications, this is certainly one of them.

A lot of you probably don't recognize this scene, and that's fair enough. It comes from a film that most people have either skipped or forgotten, that film is 'The Brave Little Toaster'. I know a lot of people like this movie, but lets be honest; MOST people actually really dislike this one. I watched this movie for the first time only a few months ago, and i really had to push myself to watch the whole thing. Nothing substantial really happens in it, it's pretty much Toy Story except without the charm, conflict and character development. It has the same universe rules though, inanimate objects come to life when their human master isn't looking. Except instead of toys, it's household appliances...ok? If you liked the movie, good for you; but it wasn't much for my liking. That was until THIS scene happened!

The main protagonists end up in a junkyard due to some unfortunately timed mishaps. While trying to find a way out, the junkyard cars decide that this scene needs a very depressing and sombre musical number to set the tone! These cars literally sing about their lives as one by one they are picked up by the junkyard magnet and dropped onto a giant metal compactor. Their song verses end when their lives do; as they are literally crushed to death. And you know how in most cartoons when a character is crushed by a large weight; they are often just comedically mashed out of shape? Not in this movie, when crushed; they actually DIE! Painfully might i add. And their cubed remains are dropped onto a conveyor belt; as all the other junkyard cars just have to sit there, hopelessly watch and wait for their inevitable turn! This scene may not be visually disturbing, but its tone and painful implications certainly are!
And...i fricken LOVE it! This song has rapidly become one of my favourite soundtrack songs of all time! It's depressing, but damn is it catchy! And the writing is genius! Just read the lyrics here and see for yourself:

"I can't take this kinda pressure!
I must confess one more dusty road would be just a road too long (worthless)

I just can't, I just can't, I just can't seem to get started!
don't have a heart to live in the fast lane all that has passed and gone

Worthless! there ain't nothing you can do about it
Worthless! Pardon me while I panic! (worthless, worthless, worthless)

I come from KC Missouri
And I got my kicks down on Route 66, every truck stop from Butte to MO
Motown to Old Alabama
From Texarkana and east of Savanna from Tampa to Old Kokomo (worthless)

I once ran the Indy 500
I must confess I'm impressed how I did and I wonder how close that I came
Now I get a sinking sensation
I was the top of the line, out of sight out of mind; so much for fortune and fame!

Once took a Texan to a wedding, once took a Texan to a wedding
He kept forgetting his loneliness letting his thoughts turn to home and we turned

I took a man to a graveyard
I beg your pardon it's quite hard enough just living with the stuff I have learned (worthless)

Once drove a surfer to sunset
There were bikinis and buns filled with weenies 
Fellini just couldn't forget
He'd go; lets go up to Zuma; He'd go; lets go up to Zuma
From Zuma to Yuma the rumor was I had a hand in the lay of the land
Get up and go hit the highway!

Oohh-woohh I worked on a reservation Oo-hh oo-hh
And who would believe they would love me and leave on a bus back to old Santa Fe?
Once in an Indian nation, I took the kids on the skids with a Hopi was happy to lie there and say:
You're worthless"

What i find most intriguing about all this are the cryptic and vague lyrics behind some of these cars. Each of them give subtle clues as to what happened to their former owners, and how they ended up in the junkyard waiting to die. Some imply a nasty fatal crash, some imply retirement or ignition troubles, but others aren't so easy to decipher. Many theories often surround the verses of the Wedding and Hearse car, most suggest that they are singing about the same person since they were the only two characters to not only share a verse; but to be crushed at the same time. But it's the surfer car (second last verse) that people can't seem to fully understand, myself included. My guess is that it has something to do with a fatal shark attack, for there is a large chuck bitten out of the surfboard that the car has strapped to its roof.
What i truly love about this song, not only the intriguing stories, catchy tune and sombre atmosphere; but also the fact that the lyrics don't limit themselves to inanimate objects. These are real emotions and relatable struggles, i mean; we've all felt pretty worthless at some point in our lives. This song takes that emotion and creates something truly memorable and special.

Do i recommend the movie? Not...really, if you're in a really lazy mood and don't wish to watch a movie that requires paying full attention; you might get something out of it. But i can't say much more than that. If you want to watch it, here's the Youtube link to the full movie: www.youtube.com/watch?v=klmhRw…
Do i recommend the song? HELL YES! It may require a few listens/viewings, but you'll soon see what i mean. Please just watch it, it's only a few minutes long and i'll give the shortened version: www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqT2uO…

The Perfect Song Analysis Essay

Many people may not think so but a song may be difficult to analyze. The difficult comes in as many people may think a song is music but not, should be like poetry. Music adds another layer of meaning to a song as it is full of literary devices and figurative language. Do not just pay attention to the lyrics alone when writing an essay about a song. Melody in a song just tries to modify the meaning played along with the words. A song should have good language since it can also deliver a message. here is how to write a song analysis paper

Steps to guide you when writing a song analysis essay

  • Take time and Listen to the song a few times. Do not think too much about stylistic specifics rather take few minute to listen to the song then write down how the song affects you. Discuss the feeling that you get from the song. Discuss the central theme or the message you get.
  • For you to scrutinize the song lyrics more closely get a printout of your song. Consider how the words have been literally scoured, their use, and their effect to the meaning and feel of the song. A songwriter can communicate frustration using song lyric over being down played in a certain deal. Listen to the song again with your list of lyric observations in front of you. Check how the music lines are relating with words. Analyze how the song details enrich the meaning of the lyrics and contribute to the effects of poetic devices as you take notes.
  • Research the historical, social and political context of the song. Check if your music is displaying a life experience, world events and the knowledge within, and prevailing attitudes. This might affect your interpretation in quite a big way.

Within the context of the entire album, take the song and study it carefully. Analyze if the artist chose a deliberate progression of songs to convey a message as you closely look at the order of the tune and the words used.

  • Using the observations you've gathered, look for a common thread that ties them together. Link your detailed observations to connect your general impression of the song with detailed that you have gathered. The thesis of your essay is in the conclusion part. Identify a specific example that you'll use to support your argument. Eliminate some content to check out the length of your essay.
    • Using the regular conventions of essay writing and factor in any special instructions that you have been given, draft your paper. Briefly state your thesis and make an outline your main arguments in the introduction. In the body of your essay discuss your main points. Finally proof read your work.

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