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An essential part of your application documentation is your hand surgery fellowship personal statement. This is the only part of your completed documentation that allows you to address the admission committee personally and is meant to inform the board about your personal history as well as your reason for applying. It may very well depend on this one medical fellowship personal statement whether you will be accepted to the fellowship programs or not. Be sure to write in a captivating style that will focus the readers’ eye on reading every line. It is not at all easy or simple to write a compelling personal statement for hand surgery fellowship, and that is why we offer our services to you. We employ only the very best writers that are knowledgeable and experienced about fellowship applications in your field to fulfill this task. Reaching this level takes many years, and our writers are all professionals.

Tips and ideas that will help you to write a perfect personal statement

The hand surgery fellowship personal statement is a basic requirement when submitting your application documentation. It is the only document that permits you to address the admission committee personally and will probably form the basis of your invitation to an interview. The following questions will help you with writing a good personal statement:

  1. What do you wish to achieve in life? – Think about what you achieved after having graduated and after five or ten years have elapsed. What is your final professional goal in life? Show your goals and elaborate on them and how you plan to reach them. Show that you comprehend all the difficulties involved.
  2. What made you choose these goals? – What especially made you form them? Was it due to an experience, a personal challenge or what? Explain in detail. The admission board would like to see why you made these choices and what motivates you toward fulfilling them.
  3. What steps have you already undertaking toward reaching those goals? – Have you done any volunteer work or partaken in community activities besides your regular educational programs?
  4. Will the fellowship affect your goals and how? – What knowledge and skills do you expect to gain through the fellowship that will serve your goals?

You can easily apply the above mentioned for your hepatology fellowship statement as well.

Our hand surgery fellowship personal statement example

“While we grew up on a farm in South Sudan we loved to play with the domestic animals we had. My small sister took it a step too far the one day and got bumped by a big cow. She broke her hand between the fingers and the wrist instantaneously, it showed an obvious curvature.

Growing up in a countryside community that is racially separated has its perks but also disadvantages. Because the elder believed that a mixture of herbs wrapped in leaves will cause the arm to heal she was not able to get her bones to grow back straight.

On arrival of my aunt from the United States she was taken to a renowned hospital I Khartoum where she was first x-rayed before consultation with a doctor. He informed us that the bones of the hand will have to be broken once more and then set straight. Fortunately my aunt was able to cover the costs and the operation took place the next day. I stayed with my sister during her stay in the hospital and I was absolutely amazed by what took place in that center of healing.

Since that time, the thought germinated and grew in my mind that I wanted to join this legion of healers. I have worked consistently with my goals and have achieved perfect results in my exams.

After concluding the fellowship, I would like to return to my home community in Africa and help supply expert medical help to my people.”

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A personal statement for a fellowship or graduate school application is your opportunity to express to the selection committee who you are and why you are a great candidate for the program. In particular, an eye-grabbing lead sentence or opening paragraph is your most important tool for maintaining the reader’s attention. Here are some examples of powerful personal statement openings of winners of highly competitive fellowships.

  1. “My parents are acupuncturists who made the long trip from their tiny cluster of villages in Guangzhou, China, to the quaint suburbs of Northern California, two years before I was born.”

By a winner of a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) in Macau. The applicant draws the reader to something memorable – her parents’ unique vocation – paving the way for an interesting story about her childhood and interest in working abroad. Read more.

  1. “Every morning at 10:00 a.m. I come face to face with the power of language to free; it happens in a classroom. The students I teach at Seattle Central Community College come from night work in an industrial bakery, from a Vietnamese refugee camp, from a 9-to-5 job in a car wash, or from the day care center where they’ve left their children.”

By a graduate fellowship applicant to the University of Washington. This opening paragraph begins to tell a story that reflects on the applicant’s work with a diverse community. Read more.

  1. “My grandparents have touched many lives: former drug addicts, refugees, neighbors, and my own. They have an uncommon ability to build relationships; they are a paradigm of service— where service is more than what you do and is also defined by who you are.”

By a winner of the Fulbright U.S. Student Grant. The lyrical nature of this stand-alone opening paragraph exhibits an advanced ability to use both words and punctuation to express the applicant’s personal values and how they originated. Read more.

  1. “Thirty years ago, my dad boarded a one-way flight to the U.S. Unlike the people he left behind, he was coming to a new country filled with educational opportunities his homeland could not provide. He was not limited by his place of birth.”

By a successful applicant to Teach for America. Immediately, the applicant has built a framework to describe his interest in education and equal opportunity, and his personal experience as a child of an American immigrant. Read more.

  1. “In the sixth grade, I took a test to see if I was left- or right-brained. To my elementary eyes, the result of that quiz would be the truth from on high—a resolute word that would define the man to come as either analytic or artistic.”

By a Marshall Scholar to the U.K. The applicant masterfully opens with a story to describe the early beginnings of his intellectual curiosity, a key characteristic that the selection committee seeks in applicants. Read more.

A common aspect of these opening statements is their ability to draw the reader in to a unique and memorable story that begins to describe why the applicant is applying to the fellowship. You can identify more personal statement samples like these online by Googling “personal statement example pdf” with the name of the fellowship.

For more tips on writing a compelling personal statement, see our Step-by-Step Guide For A Competitive Fellowship Application.

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